The Knudtson Family

~ I will sing unto the LORD, because He hath dealt bountifully with me. Ps.13:6 ~

      Craig and Chris



Craig and Chris have been married 32 years! Marriage and raising a family can be hard work, but is so worth it!

They have always loved music and grew up surrounded by quality musicians and vocalists.   They have been pleasantly surprised to see what God had in mind for their family. After years of classical music lessons, they have turned the corner into Bluegrass/Gospel music...and love the way it binds them together! 

  Their ultimate goal is to guide their children to fear the Lord and to walk in "the way they should go".          

       They are home-grown, home-schooled, hardworking farm kids... listening for God's voice, and doing what He says.

To Him be all the glory!




    Josh is just an all around great guy! Even though he was never that fond of school, his love for fixing things brought him to graduating from Diesel Mechanics at the top of his class. As a little boy, he kept himself busy taking things apart with his screw driver; now he takes apart engines with an impact wrench! He is part owner of  Woller Equipment, and enjoys farming on the side.

   Josh decided to play something more than just a pitch fork and radio, so he joins us with both banjo and guitar.  He has always enjoyed singing, and takes lead in many of our vocals. 


         When 13, her Grandpa (also her piano teacher), encouraged her to take on a  second instrument;  she chose violin!

        That started everything rolling...after 6 diligent years of violin lessons she now also plays the bass!   She and her brother bought a bass which   she has taught herself to play. She also adds beautiful harmony to our vocals.

       She is a beekeeper, gardener, and spends much of each day as caregiver. In August she will become Mrs. Luke Peterson, and moving to far-away Arkansas! She will be greatly missed.






    Nate is 24 years young, and enthusiastic about the opportunities God gives him! 

    His passion is photography, which started with sports and has now grown to weddings!  Naomi has taken advantage of his generous mentor-ship, and works beside him during wedding shoots. To see some of his work, visit his website:  

 Nate is currently a carpenter in North Dakota, and enjoys a competitive game of volleyball any chance he gets! 

    He is an accomplished cellist and guitarist, and although rarely home enough to join our concerts, his skilled fingering is an inspiration to Craig and Aaron to keep practicing!  He is greatly missed.


           Aaron and Hannah




      We are proud to announce that on July 12th, 2014 Hannah, our bright ray of sunshine, entered a covenant of marriage with an awesome man... Aaron VanHeel! They are  an energetic dynamic duo for the Lord!

        Hannah sings lead as well as plays a variety of instruments. Aaron also sings and is quickly learning guitar. 

       Together they raise beautiful Labrador puppies. Check out their website at  

        They are in the process of raising funds toward adopting a child, and are excited to walk where God leads.




Naomi is 20, loves animals, the outdoors, and fixing hair. She has learned so much about photography from Nate, and his fine equipment!

She enjoys playing almost any stringed instrument, but really shines on the mandolin! She gives lessons on piano, guitar, and violin. Mandolin, anyone?

2014 brought some exciting things for Naomi. She purchased a new Mandolin (Northfield 5s) which she loves! And her very generous Grandpa Knudtson gave her his baby grand piano!  This year she saved enough to buy her first vehicle; a 2000, GMC Sierra pickup. She loves her truck!





  At 12 years, Francis is our PR man; he enjoys visiting  people before and after concerts.  He is working with Naomi on the Mando, and has a couple of small vocal solos and duets that are just his size! 

Growing up on a farm has certainly not stunted his growth! He is tall and lean like his daddy. Francis loves taking care of the animals, playing outside, and has a gentle and sensitive spirit.